Pit Boss Grills have invested hundreds of hours in engineering, designing and manufacturing the highest quality grills and smokers to meet and exceed the expectations of professional barbecuers, competition cooking team and restauranteurs everywhere. Responding to customer requests and and constantly educating ourselves in an advancing industry, we are pleased to introduce some of the new products developed this year. More and more professionals are expanding their capabilities and growing interest from backyard enthusiasts has encouraged us to make a superior product with enhanced performance. There are several manufacturers making cookers similar in appearance, but look closely and you will see that dollar for dollar, Pit Boss Grills offer quality that can’t be beat, plus several added features not found on other smokers at a price that can’t be beat. Rotisserie smokers are considered by purist to be what barbecue is all about. Low temperatures and slow cooking allow flavor to develop in a natural way. The end result is the most tender, juicy, perfectly barbequed meat everytime. Rotisserie smokers utilize an even distribution of heat throughout the cooking chamber to insure an even cooking without burning the meat. The Pit Boss Grills have been described as “the best smoker ever made! Period!” This is very high praise indeed, but once you cook on one you will understand why. Each cooker is constructed of heavy gauge steel to ensure even cooking without the burn. They are built with top quality craftsmanship to result in a cooker that looks as great as it cooks.
The Pit Boss Grills have been described as “the best smoker ever made! Period!
Pit Boss Commercial Smokers and Rotisserie Grills is a 100% american made. Our smoker grill combos, bbq grill smokers, rotisserie smokers, competition bbq grills, restaurant quality grills, concession cookers and smokers are the BEST GRILLS in the world. Our smoker – rotisserie – grill combos are the best competition bbq grill on the market. Pit Boss Commercial smokers and Competiton BBQ grills has spent hundreds upon hundreds of hours designing and redisigning to get the perfect grill. Our products represent the pinnacle of Commercial bbq smokers that other manufacturers simply cannot reproduce….. and our rotisserie grills are built to last for a lifetime. ( Our firebox has a 30 year warranty.) We have several sizes and models of rotisserie bar-b-q cookers with options only limited by your imagination. If you dream of owning a one of a kind customized rotisserie smoker or an economical bare bones unit or anything in between……..we can help you realize your dream. Handcrafted in America with true American pride. We strive to offer you the best Rotisserie Grills, rotisserie cookers, bbq competition grills and back yard grills. Call Us Today!!! 731.588.4531